Although you can have fun here, there are a few rules that you have to follow.

  • Language: The wiki itself should stay within PG, preferrably G, content. In chat, there is a profanity filter. Do not use any methods to avoid the profanity filter, or you will be kicked/banned.
  • Content: All content should be Full House-related. The content should also stay within PG/G guidelines.
  • Spamming/vandalising: No one wants spam or vandalism. So why do it?
  • Cyberbullying: Just have fun. Don't cyberbully (e.g. judging someone) because no one wants that here.
  • Copying: Don't copy another user's work of fanon. This only confuses the users.
  • Editing without permission: Don't edit another user's article unless you have permission to. 

If you need any help, refer to this list of administrators.